The Revenue Discovery

Discover your growth potential in just one hour.

Turn 1% Change into 20% Annual Growth

Discover new insights about your growth opportunities and potential with a no-obligation Revenue Discovery. Can your organization turn 1% change into 20% annual growth in sales, profit, and company valuation? It’s very easy to find out…

Create and sustain predictable growth in sales, profit, and valuation.

Focus your teams around shared priorities.

Build competitive advantage and momentum while competitors struggle.


The Revenue Discovery is not your typical demo or strategy session.

The Revenue Discovery is a highly-customized and engaging experience focused on you. It introduces you to a new and highly profitable way of approaching sustained growth using the Revenue Growth Catalyst and Operating System.

  • Receive specific recommendations with a quantified range of benefits.
  • Compare your performance and capabilities to similar companies.
  • The average company identifies 20-40% annual growth potential in revenue, profits, and valuation metrics.
Generate More Leads

Unique service distinguishes you from other agencies, consultants, and freelancers crowding your market.

Close More Business

Easily demonstrate a clear and believable link to value and quantifiable Return On Investment.

Retain Clients Longer

Offer clients a steady flow of new opportunities to drive both short- and long-term growth with attributed ROI.

Increase Your Margins

Makes it easier to sell more strategy and advisory services and implement a value-based pricing model.

Typical Client Results

3-7 X

Help your clients grow 3-7 times faster with the Revenue Growth Catalyst.

17:1 ROI

Raise your rates dramatically as you deliver a 17:1 ROI for your clients.


Average client is $60 million in annual revenue and growing at 27.6% CAGR.

What We Do

Great client experiences lead to longer and more profitable client relationships. Our proprietary Growth Catalyst software delivers the ultimate client experience:

Benchmark your performance and capabilities

Regular, comprehensive benchmarking of performance and capabilities in all four non-negotiables of sustained growth.

Find insights for sustained growth in the data

We know that collaboration is the best way to discover and take advantage of growth opportunities.

Gain clarity on what’s working and what isn’t

Sometimes we’ll progress faster than others, but we’re always driving forward. Stagnation ultimately results in failure.

Build a data-driven growth strategy

Make better decisions by accurately monitoring performance, financial impact, and evaluating growth opportunities.

Create predictive results and Return On Investment

The Revenue Growth Catalyst gives clear measures to predict and demonstrate Return On Investment.

Make constant progress toward your growth goals

Tied directly to the growth drivers of the business, as companies increase their benchmark scores over time, their business grows.

Are you ready to discovery your growth potential?

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Turn 1% Change into 20% Annual Growth in Sales, Profit, and Company Valuation. Revenue Growth OS helps organizations in competitive markets grow in a methodical, predictable, and controlled way without disrupting their operations.

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